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Cosmopack  Pvt. Ltd. – Your supplier to all Thermocol and EPS needs. 

Welcome to Cosmopack  Pvt. Ltd.  we are manufacturers of  Thermocol and EPS Packaging Material. Our manufacturing unit is located at the outskirts of Hyderabad and with ability of Large Scale Production of desired quality and size.   We have been in the manufacturing and supplying since 1995 in Bangalore, Hosur, Karnataka, Hyderabad, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other states of south India.

Quality EPS is a light and rigid foam which is widely used in the building and construction industries mainly for thermal insulation. It is also an excellent materials for packaging since its good impact properties combined with its low weight makes it an obvious choice for myriad of uses.
Quality EPS in its broadest sense is a rigid cellular plastic which is found in a multitude of shapes and applications.
Quality EPS is the material used for fish boxes packaging for electric consumer goods and insulation panels for building.
Quality EPS is obtained from expandable polystyrene. Expandable Polystyrene is therefore obtained from oil.

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