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Construction & Insulation Material

Insulation Material


Insulation Material


EPS Insulation Pipes

EPS Insulation Pipes

EPS Insulation Sheets

EPS Insulation Sheets

We offer best quality Insulation products, as per the requirements of the clients.

Low thermal conductivity:
Due to its closed air-filled cell structure which inhibits the passage of heat or cold, a high capacity for thermal insulation is achieved.

Low weight:
Densities of between 10 & 40 kg/m3 allow light but safe construction works.

Low water adsorption:
This helps in maintaining the thermal and mechanical properties which would be affected by humidity.

Ease of handling and insullation:
The material can be worked with the usual tools and guarantes perfect finishing and adjustment. At the same time , its low weight makes it easy to transport materials to the site and provides economy of installation.

Chemical resistance:
Expanded polystyrene materials are perfectly compatible with the materials usually employed in the construction industry including cements, plasters, salt or fresh water etc.

It can come in many different shapes and sizes which meet the specific req. of the construction

Thermal insulation:

  • Thermal insulation:Reduces energy consumption.
  • Improves the living comfort.
  • Saves costs.
  • Reduces air pollution
  • Protects the environment.
  • Protects the structure of the building


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